Vaccine blame-shifting and distraction, or just a colossal policy failure — which is it?

The government can’t blame Europe for its vaccine rollout debacle…

Nationals Deputy Leader David Littleproud (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

After its attempt to blame the states for its increasingly disastrous vaccine rollout backfired spectacularly last week, the government is now trying to shift the blame to a party whom it thinks are less likely to bother fighting back: Europe.

“The arithmetic is simple,” Nationals Deputy David Littleproud said over Easter break. “We are 3 million short at the moment. We were 3 million short by the EU. They cut us short.”

Littleproud was the designated attack poodle sent out last week to help the government’s effort to blame the states, only to end up getting humiliated by Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles.

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