Under Biden The National Guard Immediately Responds To New US Capitol Incident

Unlike under Trump, dozens of members of the National Guard immediately responded after a car rammed a barricade at the US Capitol.

Video of MSNBC reporting on the National Guard presence:

MSNBC reported:

Covering the Capitol, we have seen the National Guard presence decrease in the last few weeks. A lot were sent home. We barely saw them, just bits and pieces around the Capitol in the last few weeks. Right now, I watched them come out of some of the office buildings here fully armed with all their gear. This is the most I have seen. I’m looking at about three dozen with shields, national guardsmen, coming towards me right now with weapons, like I said, with now with weapons, with batons, with all the headgear.

I haven’t seen this many National Guard in the last few weeks until right now. I actually saw them come out from where they were stationed inside the building sort of in a row trying to secure the area around me right now. Right now I’m actually watching a pretty sizeable amount of National Guard troops with shields, with all of their equipment in tow that we haven’t seen in the last few weeks since the barricade started to come down.

What a difference having a competent president who places the security of the country first makes. Republicans have been complaining about the National Guard presence for months, but this latest incident shows why it is still vitally important to have additional security at the Capitol.

Two Capitol police officers have been reportedly injured and one person was shot, with the suspect in custody.

The attacker’s motives are unknown at this time, but the National Guard is no longer being throttled by the man in the Oval Office.

The nation is already safer with Joe Biden in the White House.

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