The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Affiliate Marketing

I would be discussing 8 habits of highly effective
affiliate marketing tips that every affiliate marketer should imbibe for a successful and profitable yield, most especially marketers at the beginning stages.

These habits are not discussed in an attempt to sell a
motivational speech or write-up,
contrary to what other
self-help articles of this sort are normally
structured with,
  these habits are daily and weekly techniques
that ought to be employed through your journey as an affiliate marketer, so as
to be proactive in achieving better results.

These techniques fall under three significant categories which
accommodates the habits of affiliate marketing expertise, and they are: “educational”,
“Analytical”, and “Creative”.

Under educational, we shall be inculcating two habits:

*Learning about Interest-Based Targeting on Facebook

*Learning the basics of SEO (content marketing).

Under Analytical, we have:

*Analyzing the top-sellers on registered affiliate networks.

*Analyzing landing page conversions.

*Less Competition Analysis.

Under Creativity, the three habits to sustain are:

*Authentic Content ( Stop the habit of Copying and Pasting)

*Improving Advertising creativity.

*Improving Social Media Skills.


Learning is a good habit to exhibit as an affiliate
marketer. Few hours of leisure should be used to
brush-up your skills and technicality on how to advance your marketing
campaign. There are various tools and new online marketing strategies to acquire and practicalize. 

 There are two subcategories specifically chosen for the sake of affiliate
marketers who are into paid advertising and SEO content marketing respectively.

A) Learning about Interest-Based Targeting on Facebook(
Paid Advertising)

Facebook advertising is one of the most preferred social
media advertising platform by affiliate marketers, because of its popularity
amongst social media users, and also its effectiveness in garnering traffic.

As effective as it is, if not done with precise knowledge in targeting the right audience for your brand, it would be
difficult and nearly impossible to actually get a conversion or purchase, which suggests futility in advertising budget.

Paid advertising can be quite expensive, so it is definitely
something to be taken seriously, to avoid wasting useful resources and effort.

B)  Learning the basics of SEO (content marketing)

This is an important habit to inculcate in your weekly schedule,
especially for those who are both bloggers and affiliate marketers. It is a
familiar concept that SEO is key
(no pun intended) in content creation,
in order to have a good query ranking on Google.

Make it a habit (at least 3days in a week) to read e-books
and watch tutorials on the basics of SEO and SEO content. Your focus should be
learning about: Understanding SEO Keywords and Keywords phrases, Understanding
Link acquisitions (Backlinks and External Links), On-page optimization and Off-page
optimization(Including, registering your webpage on directories).

This second category of habitual development in
affiliate marketing quickens your ability to navigate the affiliate marketing workspace accurately.
It includes analyses that target your product vendors and your conversion rate,
with little regard for competitors.

C) Analyzing the top-sellers on registered affiliate

This is crucial in understanding what product vendor you should be an affiliate for. Also, consider in
your analysis; the commission rates and the conversion rate of the vendor’s

For instance, if you
are registered on the
Jvzoo affiliate network or
ClickBank(the most popular
affiliate network), there is a page to showcase the lists of top sellers
or vendors for the last 7 days, or 30 days (depending on the Network stats).

These stats rank the best category of products and services that have had lots of purchases during a
certain time duration, and as an affiliate marketer you should consistently
check these stats to know what product is worth marketing and what products has
the highest conversions.

You want to avoid wasting capital and efforts on products that
are not ranking on the lists of top-vendors, or products that have low
commissions and conversions(purchases), therefore it is important to carry out
a daily analysis to find products in your niche that is worth your marketing

D) Analyzing landing page conversions

Landing pages remain
the superior value in terms of online marketing.
If you don’t make it habitual to improve your landing page contents and
customizations, chances are that your conversion rate will continually remain
in stagnation.

Let’s assume you recently set-up an advertising campaign for
a Keto nutrition program on Facebook, and adhering to all expertise and tips on interest
-based targeting your ad is gaining thousands of prospects and click-throughs,
  but you are having no conversions or

When this happens in your marketing campaign,
  It is common sense to quickly pause your
Facebook ad and review the reasons why your landing pages are not converting,
despite the huge number of clicks.

Perhaps you inserted the wrong picture (maybe the picture of
a smiling dog)
  for a Keto nutrition
program, or your landing page contents didn’t seem real and convincing enough to maintain
attention, which is often the case. Landing pages are not supposed
to provide long and boring information about the program or products itself,
rather it should provide simple information about the benefits and usefulness
of such a program or product in solving a problem for your audiences.

Nobody actually cares about the background of your product
or how long it has been in existence,
prospects are usually concerned about two things in a landing page: ‘benefits’
and ‘social proof’. However, it is ideal to indicate the product’s background or
history of sales,
  but it should not
overpower the benefits or social proofs of the product in a bid to maintain
your prospect’s attention.

When promoting through paid advertising, make it a habit to
check on the conversion rate of your landing page daily,
  to know if the money you are spending is responding
to your targeted ROI. Simply because you are promoting through paid advertising
is not a guarantee to make $500 a day in affiliate marketing, while sleeping. Without reviewing
conversion rates frequently, you might end up disappointed and frustrated at
the end date of your advertising project.

E) Less Competition Analysis

Make it a habit not to concern yourself with the
  Competition analysis is relevant
but not primarily a necessity for affiliate marketers. Often times trying to analyze
your competitors frequently can unconsciously influence your own marketing strategy.

Initially, the goal for competition analysis is for one to
improve on uniqueness and ingenuity, but the reality is, most marketers still
fall victim of duplicating some contents or strategies of their competitors in
their own marketing frame-work, with a slight but obvious tweak,
  while some marketers take competition
analysis too seriously,
  and invest resources
and time into analyzing competitors ( which are usually top authorities),
rather than redirecting such efforts to improving their personal marketing

Creating new content and
customization in a unique manner is a very powerful marketing habit to

F) Authentic Content ( Stop the habit of Copying and

Neglect the copy and paste method of marketing a product.
Most beginners in affiliate marketing tend to utilize this method in
structuring their landing pages. It is not utterly prohibited, but it is not the
right habit to cultivate as an affiliate marketer.

Be creative in your marketing content,
  especially when customizing your sales
funnel. Use colors and images peculiar to your style and personality to sell your
audience anything. Your uniqueness and ingenuity sells your market
more, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

G) Improving Advertising creativity.

TOFU (Top of the Funnel) 
is always the attraction stage of any sales funnel in online
marketing, therefore,  it is important to develop creativity in your
advertorials, consisting of customized videos, pictures and advert contents that
are attractive to prospects.

 Make it a habit to
be creative in your advertising,
it is what announces your marketing campaign.

F) Improving Social Media Skills.

Improving social media skills is a habit every affiliate
marketer must live by.
  Social media
marketing is very economical and important in promoting a product or service.

 If by nature you are
not a social media individual or you are not a social person at all, then affiliate
marketing is definitely not for you.  

Affiliate marketing is for social influencers and individuals ready to
connect on a global scale.

Affiliate marketers who are not intrinsically socially active should
make it a habit to create a comfortable pattern of socializing with social
media users and enthusiasts, simply for the sake of marketing.

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