So, Biden Lied?

President Joe Biden announces changes to the main coronavirus aid program for small businesses during brief remarks at the White House, February 22, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

CNN’s Sahil Kapur takes note of the evolving White House line on the filibuster:

Interesting. Just a little over a week ago, White House press secretary Jen Psaki proclaimed that Biden would not support making any changes to the filibuster. In February 2020, Biden was campaigning for the Democratic nomination with his opposition to scrapping or changing the filibuster very much on the record. He afforded himself some wiggle room last summer, allowing that his support for getting rid of the measure — which Democrats made liberal use of during the Trump administration — would “depend on how obstreperous they [Republicans] become” before pivoting back to taking a hardline stance against changing the rules.

Now, he’s shifting again.

One amusing activity the press partook in every so often during the Trump years was asking themselves aloud “Are we letting the people know Trump is lying to them often enough? Should we be more blunt about it?” As I recall, they told us that the former president was lying quite often — sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly.

I doubt there will be any of the same navel-gazing over whether they should come right out and call President Biden on his deception. And I harbor similar doubts that Jen Psaki will face the same kind of scrutiny that Sarah Huckabee Sanders did. At least when these new guys lie, they do with some tact and a smile.  Oh, and for the right reasons.

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