People living with disabilities are also living in the dark about the vaccine rollout

Confusion and lack of clarity about the vaccine rollout is causing distress in the disability community.

(Image: AAP/ Stefan Postles)

For most people, not having the COVID-19 jab is annoying. For hospitality venue owners and employees, it’s infuriating. But for people with disabilities, it’s life-changing. With COVID-19 clusters appearing every few months, many are waiting for the vaccine to resume normal living for fear of catching a life-threatening virus.

Yet in the seven weeks since the first phase of the rollout began, with the federal government in charge of vaccinating aged and disability care residents, just 112,830 of the 190,000 residents have been given the jab, with confusion and poor information causing stress among the disability community. 

By now, according to the government’s rollout schedule, they should all have been vaccinated.

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