How to Effectively Handle Multitasking in Online Marketing.

I recently came across an article by
  AbdulGaniy Shehu about
Multitasking Kills any Online Business
and I thought it was an
  interesting read, but a bit exaggerated,
because in as much as multitasking slows down effort, if managed properly it
can double revenue in any particular
business structure.

Business itself is multitasking, it is not streamlined to a
particular strategy or mode of operation, there are different strategies and
tactics to consider for running a profitable business, whether online or practical.

Multitasking is more of an involuntary action embedded in human nature than a voluntary action because we are constantly faced with
situations that sometimes come unexpectedly, and these situations may even do
more harm than good if not tended to immediately.

Therefore instead of constantly
focusing on a negative angle on this subject, psychological experts and
researchers should develop some in-depth strategies on how business owners and
even the general populace can manage multitasking better, rather than just
suppressing what is inevitable and inherent in reality.

Before, we consider some options and techniques in handling
multitasking in our online career; let us briefly analyze how most entrepreneurs
involuntarily find themselves in a multitasking state.

Some Major Causes of Involuntary
Multitasking in Online Marketing

A) In securing a fruitful online business, the internet has
made it quite simple for us to optimize the multiple things we have to do quickly
through different series of automation and marketing tools, but the problem is
that most online entrepreneurs and work from home advocates have not taken
enough discipline towards utilizing these optimization opportunities
professionally, because sometimes, they are always looking for a cost-free
mechanism to employ in carrying out their task, which end up not getting them
quicker results and returns, or which requires even more effort on their part
to achieve what they need. Although in some cases, most online entrepreneurs
(especially beginners and intermediates) sometimes lack the technical understanding
of operating these marketing tools, making them depend more on a manual routine, thus, increasing their tasks and efforts in their online journey.

It is good to consider what is cost-effective in business,
and what tool is more affordable and can still serve the needful, but most
online entrepreneurs, in a bid to reduce cost, make the wrong judgments in
purchasing tools that end up increasing their workload, rather than
solving them, and when a supposed
becomes a liability, issues arises, and when issue arises, one is caught up in
multitasking, trying to joggle between – resolving issues and facing his or her
primary assignment at the same time.

Too much exposure to information. In my last article, I discussed
the disadvantages involved in information overload, which has become
uncontrollable in our digital era. Unfortunately the internet allows all sort
of information, either from the surface, dark or deep web. This has become one
of the major causes of multitasking in business, because 70% of online networks
are duplicated in a legitimate and slightly unique manner. Most online marketers and entrepreneurs
find themselves multitasking because of the diverse information they have to process and rationalize, especially when carrying out their market research. Furthermore,
 eCommerce platforms and social networks
constantly update their offers and promotional services,
including their products and packages, their community guidelines,
privacy policy, terms and condition, etc.
These are perceived to be standard business procedures, but they are
carried out excessively, because each online organization is concerned about
meeting a fixed target and ‘beating-down’ the competition.

C) Many marketable procedures, strategies, and networks are also rudimentary factors of involuntary multitasking. Earlier I stated that the internet
provides many options to optimize multitasking by innovating business tools and
automation systems, but it has also created a lot of options and procedures in
the process, leaving online entrepreneurs to open multiple tabs on their
browsers, and work on multiple projects at the same time.
 Although, most online experts are unaffected by
this, because they sometimes have a team of employees which comes with a big
budget. Most beginners and startups in online marketing cannot afford to pay salaries, let alone promote their respective business, so they handle all their
projects personally.

The main question now
is how can a beginner or startup handle multitasking in his or her online market?

A) You should have the mindset that, multitasking can be
massaged thoroughly to create
a double monetization impact (DMI) for your
online business, i.e., double income, or double ROI for your business for a
long term period. How can you do this?

i) Problems will
always arise in one form or the other, but keep it low as much as
possible in order for you to invest your time in
work progression rather than
Note, the keyword here is progression, your task 80% of the time
is to add something innovative or profitable to your business, rather than
creating rooms for problems and looking for solutions.
  Reducing troubleshooting and increasing business accuracy, can make multitasking easier and valuable to your online career.

II) Try to work on your business speed, by investing in
trusted and affordable online business tools.
 To start out, use Chrome or Firefox browser
extensions (Majority of them are free, while, some tools offer free trials) to
make your task easier. If you open a lot of browser tabs on chrome ensure to
use this free tool “One Click extension manager” to help you navigate multiple
tabs better. If you need a lot of URL captured for the sake of data analyses,
use the chrome extension “Bulk URL Opener” or “Dataminer”. This tools are just a Google search away.

iii) If your preferred online business is on Facebook, and
other social media platforms and you want a trusted and automated software
that can handle your multitasking in terms of digging out your targeted
customers, you can see the review I did on “Audience Toolkit”, which is an
efficient software that can save you hours of customer digging.

iv) If your preferred online business is through video
content creation, and webinar sales management, you can use the “Webinarkit tool”, or “Webinarkit
Sales Accelerator”, both are highly effective automation tools with discounted
prices, guaranteed to make your video creation task easier, including an
exclusive promotional functionality to increase your brand awareness to targeted

Final note: As a
startup or average online entrepreneur without a big budget to hire a team of
employees, you can consider using online marketing tools, to make your
multitasking effort easier and less stressful. The tools recommended above, speaks
quality at an affordable rate.

B) Deal with information overload. It is not all information
that is necessary for your business, even if somehow they are related. In as
much as we can handle multitasking through various means and tools, we want to
also, avoid being exposed to too many options and e-mails from so-called online
marketing experts and self-help entrepreneurs. Limiting the amount of
information that fly around social media and  dropping into our mailbox
on a daily basis, reduces our intensity and pressure to feel the need to act on
either a “new strategy” or a new “marketing software” when you already have tons
strewn around your workspace.

c) Avoid being a generalist and identify your business
strength. Like I posited earlier, there are a lot of opportunities online, and
if careful steps are not considered you can be easily confronted with the mentality of processing everything at once, especially if you do not identify your niche
properly, or you get carried away by information (not information overload, but
being distracted by information). Handling multitasking effectively is
preferably done in your defined corner, or area of specialization, then you can understand how to schedule your time, routine and initiative better. It is easier to
combine multiple skills together if you have experience in navigating through
those skills, for example, if you are skilled in electronics, and you are
familiar with the techniques of repairing any damaged electronic equipment or machinery,
 and at the same time you are a prolific
writer, then running a blog about electronics would not be much of a problem to
you in that scenario, because these are multiple tasks and skill set that you
possess, so multitasking in-between repairing electronics as a day job, and
writing about it to your audiences and readers online becomes a bit exciting and controllable.

In another scenario, let’s assume you are passionate about
writing, and you personally feel that being a good writer means you can conduct
research in any area or field, it might be exciting in a short term period, but
as you continue in that light, your multitasking (as a generalist) might become
exhausting and stressful, because you are faced with being a writer in the medical field, in agricultural research, and in historical findings, etc. When people
upholds multitasking to be exhausting, they normally see it from a generalist
perspective in most cases, which it is oftentimes, but with an in-depth
understanding, being subjective rather than objective in conducting any business activity, or even in our daily lives can help us handle the pressure in multitasking better,
in maximizing the needed result and most importantly, increasing revenue.

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