How to Become a Jvzoo Affiliate: A Step by Step Guide

Jvzoo is one of the top affiliate networks with high-end
paying vendors fit for any category or niche.

Jvzoo was established to fully accommodate beginners in
affiliate marketing, because of its user-friendly interface and its
accessibility to any country in the world.

Why is Jvzoo a Suitable Affiliate Network?

A) Registration instead of application: Jvzoo is a free registration network, that doesn’t work on an approval or disapproval bases.

B) Jvzoo is one of the few affiliate platforms that operate

C) You can easily get your commissions transferred to your
bank account in any location, using a Payoneer account.

D) You can get high-end commission rate within 30% -50% (or
more), including recurring payment (depending on the product type).

A) I would be using rectangular shapes, including red arrows
for the purpose of indicating vital areas.

B)  Display images are screenshots taken from a mobile
view of the Jvzoo interface, which is still similar to the desktop version. The reason for the mobile angle is because online users are more inclined to mobile display than a desktop display.

C) Diagram illustrating defective affiliate offers, promising
affiliate offers, and good affiliate offers in step 9.

What you are going to learn about Jvzoo affiliate program

You are going to be learning some vital details about how to
earn money promoting Jvzoo products, by choosing the right vendors and product offers. Step 9 of this post explains in detail.

Creating a Jvzoo Affiliate Account

1) Simply go to and click the sign-up tab and you
would be directed to the registration page, layered with four(4) simple stages,
see the image below:

2) I would spare you many details on the registration
process, since it requires personal information, as numbered (1-4) in the above

Jvzoo Affiliate Dashboard Overview

3) After registration is completed, you should see an overview
of your affiliate dashboard containing information about your current income
status, clicks, visitors, and sales, as highlighted in the image below:

Note: the Jvzoo affiliate snapshot is displayed
alongside with the sellers (or vendors) snapshot, so try not to get them

Secondly, snapshots are updated once every five(5) minutes.

4) On the top-left corner, there is a tab to open the
menu-bar, see image;

Jvzoo Menu-Bar

5) The menu-bar contains both vendor and affiliate information,
but our focus remains on the affiliate offers and how to find the right products to promote and earn.

Different Ways to Locate Products

The Jvzoo affiliate program has different options strewn on their menu-bar for
affiliates to find any product of their choice.

6) Click the ‘Product’ tab, to open four(4) different options:

i) Jvzoo Marketplace: Which is Jvzoo’s B2B options for
vendors and affiliate marketers to get updated business tools to increase their
online marketing. They also feature their top-selling products of the day.

The Jvzoo Marketplace looks like this:

ii) Jvzoo Launch List: This is the list of pre-launch products,
soon to be made available to affiliates. As a newly registered Jvzoo affiliate, focusing
on the launch list is not necessary, but if you want to keep your eyes open
for products about to hit the online market, then you can check this list

iii)  Jvzoo Top Sellers:
These are products dominating the market, and getting high conversions. The top-selling products are definitely the products you should be promoting as an
affiliate marketer.

You can see the top sellers, for the day, yesterday, past 7
days and even for the last 30 days, in this section.

It is recommended you stay  diligent with your selection and
choice, when surveying the top-sellers, because it is better to promote a product that has trended for 7 days or more than to promote products that are trending for just a day or two.

To make your pick easier and to help you stay updated on
Jvzoo top-sellers for 7 days or more, there is a menu tab available on the
Shadebizness homepage listing out top ten (10) affiliate offers of the week, see
image below:

iv) Jvzoo Featured Product: displays Jvzoo top ten (10) pick
of recent products, but don’t get too excited about promoting these products, because
most recent products may not have a high rate of demand or conversions, owing
to the fact that they are newly launched.

Find Product and Request Approval

7) The most important tab for getting products to promote is the ‘Find Product’ tab, on the menu bar

8) After clicking the ‘Find Product’ tab, you would be directed to a webpage containing a whole lot of products category with their stats. It would look like this:

In the above image, those red arrows indicate the search bar for any keyword and category related to your niche, for example: if you are in the Keto niche, simply type in the keyword ‘Keto’ to filter out products related to your search.

You can also filter products by launch date, by simply clicking the ‘Launch Date’ tab.

9) This is the most important step to understand as a Jvzoo affiliate. When finding the right product you have to be aware of three key stats displayed on the ‘Find Product’ page, they are; the commission rate, the conversion rate, and the refund rate. See the red arrows pointing at them below:

i) Product with commission rate within 30%-50% (and above) signals a good offer, but if the refund rate is 10%( and above), with a good conversion rate of 17%( and above) then the offer is defective and should not be considered, regardless of the good commission and conversion rate.

A refund rate around 10 % ( and above) simply means that the product does not meet up to customer satisfaction after purchase, implicating that the conversion rate may decrease, because prospects wouldn’t be interested in purchasing such products in the future.

Refund rates are meant to be lower than 5% or less.

Fig A.

ii) If the commission rate on that particular product falls within 10%, it can be considered as a promising offer, if, and only if the conversion rate is high, and the refund rate is low.

iii) In another case, if the commission rate is good, and the refund rate is low (3%), but the conversion rate falls below 5%, it means the product is not really getting much attention from prospects, probably because such a product may not be in demand.  Therefore, such product should not be considered a promotion.

iv) A balanced affiliate offer to consider (as illustrated above in fig A) is a 30% commission offer, a conversion rate of 17 % (and above) a refund rate of 3% (or less).

It is important to consider these factors before requesting to market a product because you don’t want to spend money or time promoting products that may not produce a good ROI or profit.

10) After selecting your preferred product, simply click the ‘Request Approval’ button to request for an affiliate link from the vendor. Find it next to the Product name:

11) You would be taken to a request page of the vendor of the product, where you have to write a formal message asking the vendor for approval to promote his or her product.

When writing a message for approval, state a good reason why you would like to promote the product, and how you plan on promoting the product (this is very important to get approved).

Note: Some product vendors may approve or not, depending on your pitch on how you plan on promoting their product, so don’t limit yourself to just requesting approval from one vendor.

12) You can always click the ‘Approved Product’ tab (under the ‘Affiliates’ drop-down menu) to see what products you have been approved to promote.

13) Once you get approved, your affiliate link to promote your preferred product would be generated for you, see both images:

Click Get links
See your affiliate link here.

Once you get your affiliate link(s) you can start promoting the product(s), on your blog, social media account, or YouTube channel.

 It is important to note that spamming your affiliate links on your social media account is not a good promotion strategy, it can only lead to a ban of your social media account because it is against community guidelines of social networks to display affiliate links in comments or feeds, even when running a PPC campaign.

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