Everybody to Republicans: Quit Lying About Colorado Elections

We noted earlier today the growing chatter about Denver being awarded the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the related discussion about Colorado’s election laws as compared to the new draconian regulations instituted in Georgia.

Republicans are making a concerted effort to spin a completely false narrative that Colorado’s election laws are actually MORE restrictive than in Georgia. The blowback from local and national media outlets has been swift.

Take a look…



Via Colorado Newsline (4/6/21)


Here’s Nick Riccardi of The Associated Press:


Alex Burness of The Denver Post agrees:


As does The Washington Post:

Via The Washington Post (4/6/21)


And Jesse Paul of The Colorado Sun:


Even the White House is getting involved:

Here’s Marshall Zelinger of 9News replying to South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott:

And Kyle Clark of 9News:

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