Affiliate Marketing Statistics 2020: An Infographic

Affiliate marketing has had so many successful records and statistics over the past decade.

The infographic in this article showcases the latest available data and stats on affiliate marketing for the year 2020. The stats displayed in this infographic was originally sourced from 99statistics, which gathered over twenty-three (23) ground-breaking affiliate marketing records from top business blogs such as, Business Insider,  Digital Global, Web Market support, and so on…

The infographic was designed with the goal of simply summarizing (through vivid visualization) this substantial records as an easy guide for affiliate marketers and bloggers to make reference to whenever they need certain information or data to work with, without going through the trouble of reading long essays or articles concerning affiliate marketing stats.

Ecommerce brands and retailers have earned billions of dollars from establishing affiliate programs, and some affiliate marketers have made it a habit to generate six-figures yearly yields in their marketing campaigns. Affiliate marketing requires professionalism in carrying out content marketing, in order to understand how to get services and products closer prospects.

The infographic details commissions earned by affiliate marketers, including eCommerce affiliate success stories and ratings, and the role of publishers and advertisers in creating more revenue sources and online influences.

Beginners in affiliate marketing can also have comprehensive knowledge about the practical results and objectives that expert affiliate marketers have achieved in the business of online entrepreneurship. 

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