5 Reasons why You need to Start Using Facebook Advertising

If you are an affiliate marketer, a business owner, or an eCommerce
retailer and you haven’t started using Facebook advertising, then you are
missing out on a lot of conversions.


I won’t bore you with the statistics, but one thing remains a fact- Facebook possesses data and information about half of the world’s
population. Although the same thing can be said about Google,  Pinterest, LinkedIn,
YouTube, etc… But the major difference between Facebook and the others mentioned is that Facebook contains more intimate information about a person than any other online platform.


People feel free and more social when using Facebook than
when using Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on…This makes targeting individual interests a lot much easier and exciting. But not
only that; there are other interesting factors that make Facebook advertising
worth the effort.


#1 Affordable PPC
Advertising Rate

Facebook offers an affordable advertising rate for a PPC
Campaign. From a minimum of $5-$10, you can run a successful promotion or
campaign on a daily budget.


However, the higher your ad spend, the higher the results
you would achieve, but if you do not have sufficient funds to invest in some
form of elaborate promotion or advertorial, then utilizing Facebook ads may be
your best bet.


Despite the affordable rate, Facebook is optimized to ensure
maximum results on your ad spend. It gives conversions and CTR according to each cost invested in an ad budget. For instance, if your ad budget is $20 per daily spend for four (4) days, you would be able to know the number
of link clicks and the number of people that would see your product (impressions) during your set (beginning of your campaign) and end date (end of your campaign).




From the image above you can see that the daily budget is
set to $20.00 and it is estimated to reach over 2.3 million people, with a
daily estimated reach of 510-2,000 people. This data can change depending on
the location and demographics you intend to target, but the bottom line is, for
every amount spent there is a potential reach and an estimated click.


To yield a profitable result from Facebook advertising, at least
$5 daily ad spend should be your minimum budget.


#2 Enough Database
for Effective Targeting


According to Statista, Facebook is the only social network that has surpassed a billion users, currently owning 2.6 billion users in the first quarter of 2020 aside from Instagram.


As stated earlier, Facebook is privy to in-depth data (particularly
based on individual interest and behavior) of their users. These data were not
stolen or hacked, people put them there. Users literally provide information
and details about themselves on their Facebook profile, making it simple and easy
to advertise your product or brand to them.


When targeting audiences on Facebook, it has to be specific
to your niche. Always source out data and information that could be necessary
for finding your target market, either by using the Facebook Audience Insight tool, or using an automation tool, such as
the Audience ToolKit.


#3 Multiple Campaign
Objective & User-Friendly Interface


From personal experience, using Google business tools,
especially the AdWord is not the most user-friendly or intuitive platform,
because it always expects you to figure out the next step to take without providing
comprehensive clues, that is why most of Google’s business tools regarding SEO or advertising
always require an expert opinion, unlike Facebook. 

Facebook advertising can be
performed by everyone and anyone without a digital marketing certificate or
expertise. The interface is friendly and self-explanatory, although there are few technicalities involved, but these technicalities can be handled personally
with much devotion and the right discipline.

To learn more about setting up Facebook ads, see this.

In the aspect of campaign objectives, there are so many
promotional objectives to choose from, examples of such objectives are; traffic,
conversions, engagements, leads, and so on…See the image below to view all
objectives offered by the Facebook ad manager.


The most profitable objectives for online marketers are “traffic”
and “conversions”. Traffic is mostly used to increase page views and
engagements by bloggers or content marketers, while conversions are used to target customers and leads for products or services.


#4 Good Delivery
& Results

From someone who uses Facebook advertising for small
business owners, I can honestly tell you that every penny spent on promotion
can generate a 5% ROI, and this is just putting it on a standard level.


If your Facebook targeting is done properly, your ad copy
can start converting to sales and leads from the first day of your campaign.


Facebook delivers good and accurate results even at minimum advertising spend.


#5 The Facebook Pixel

With Facebook advertising, comes the Facebook Pixel. The
Facebook Pixel is uniquely designed in a way that you can create lookalike
audiences from previous advertising campaigns if you have the Pixel code installed
on your website or landing page.


The Facebook pixel saves you the hassle of always
researching who to target and where. If you have a Facebook campaign set up, it
is important to track the location and demographics of your audience as a subsequent KPI
(Key Performance Indicator) routine to quantify the amount of traffic and leads gotten
from your campaign objective and your targeted keywords. 

Google Analytics can serve
this purpose effectively, but the difference is that the Facebook Pixel goes
beyond tracking your audiences, to creating a photogenic memory of them, so that
any campaign you would be running In the future, you can easily filter out the
kind of audiences you want to target from this photogenic memory (called the Facebook
Pixel) without having to create a new audience or new targeting.



Facebook advertising has saved business corporations, sole
proprietors, and entrepreneurs a lot of expenses on regular advertising. 

There are a lot of PPC platforms on other social networks and search engines, but
most offer the best value at a higher price or budget, Facebook offers the best
value for any given price (no matter how small).

Indeed, there is always a difference in result
between an online marketer that spent $200 in Facebook ads, and a marketer that
spent just $10, but the key advantage that Facebook ads bring is that- the $10,
if all proper steps and strategies are considered can still produce a good ROI, 10x better than the initial capital.















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