5 Highly Effective Routines for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

Let me quickly start by debunking a myth: there is no actual
guarantee that you make money online while you sleep in affiliate marketing, but with the right routines it stands a chance of becoming possible. 

It is important for

beginners in affiliate marketing to understand why developing an active routine
is needed to achieve results, because it is frustrating dedicating effort and a lot of
budget into PPC ad spends without getting conversions.

Implementing a stable routine can help a lot in reducing
workload and stress. It favors having a purposeful strategy that is intended to
troubleshoot any errors or lacuna in your marketing.

A quick tip: building
a routine around your online career should be properly aligned with your weekly
schedule, in order to
handle multitasking better.

In structuring an effective routine for successful affiliate
marketing, you must consider the following procedures discussed here, as a
habitual process rather than a task.

 Reviewing Product Offers

As Affiliate marketers, it is important to stay updated on the
top-selling products in whatever network or program you are affiliated with.
 Most affiliate programs display statistics for their top-selling products and advertisers, so that affiliate marketers can
make a credible selection in choosing services with high demand and low refund rate.
Top-selling products usually come with a better commission offer (from 50%
above) than most standard products.
vendors in the top-selling category usually inculcate recurring payment plans
for their affiliates between 30-50%.

However, the issue with most top-ranking offers is that, it
may not satisfy all niches and may even be limited to a specific product
category. To resolve such problem, affiliate marketers in their routine check
can choose products which are somehow related to their target market, for
example, affiliate marketers in the yoga niche can also promote products
related to nutrition and health, affiliate marketers in the automobile niche can also promote some home improvement products (relating to appliances and gadgets).

This summary is updated weekly to keep affiliate marketers
updated on the top-selling products on these popular platforms, so make it a
routine to always review new offers and services to start promoting and earning.

If the top-selling products do not cover your niche, and there
are no related products or services in such category, then you can review other
standard products, but in reviewing these products check for the following:

A) The total amount of sales made.

B) Refund rate (if the refund rate is higher than 10% then the product does not meet up with customer satisfaction).

C) Conversion rate (is the product in high demand? Or is it
something appealing to prospects?).

D) Commission rate (a standard commission rate should fall
between 20% to 30%).

E) Recurring revenue (few vendors offer a RR
plan, but if standard products have such plan it is often considered an

F) Check for launch date (It is better to market something recent)

See Infographic showing the hierarchy of product review:

Things you may
encounter in your review:

i) Most likely, you would find a product with a high amount of
sales, with a high refund rate, scratch that product off your list. It is
always better to market a product with a low refund rate no matter the amount
of sales.

ii) If a product is old by launch date, only consider
promoting such a product if it is still ranking on the top-sellers stats.

It is proper routine to analyze your landing page(s) to know
if it can be customized better, or if it requires some rectification, especially
if it is converting slowly.

Upgrading your landing pages regularly is based on your
ability to innovate new marketing ideas and project them on your landing page
content. To carry out good analyses on your landing pages, consider these
three(3) things:

i) Image display and graphic effects: does it capture the
details of the product you are promoting, or is it just random? Can it be
replaced with a better option?

ii) Is the content compelling enough and well written, or is it
simply copy and paste? The copy and paste method for landing pages is a poor
marketing routine.

iii) Are there new social proofs to include on your landing
page(s)? If they are, you can always get rid of the old testimonials, and replace
them with fresh ones, that way prospects on your landing page(s) would get the
feeling that your product is of high demand and authority.

3) Setting up a Marketing Budget

Setting up a marketing budget should be a monthly routine for
affiliate marketers and it should depend on two factors:

i) The revenue got from other promoted products (if any).

ii) Your monthly income from working other jobs (aside from your
affiliate marketing career).

A quick note: The second factor is only temporary for the beginning stages of your affiliate
marketing career. Once you start gaining a reasonable amount of ROI from
promoting products, depending on funds from external sources should be

Establishing a monthly allowance for ad spend is very
important to promote products, either by PPC campaigns or by promoting through
registered directories and networks built to generate traffic for brands. 

The essence of setting up a budget is to limit spending on unnecessary campaigns,
and unprofitable products (products not worth promoting due to poor commission e.g.
CPC/CPM products, Amazon products, etc).

4) Analyzing the Productivity of Your
Marketing Budget

This routine can help you further in setting up a budget
properly. If a marketing budget on a product campaign goes wrong, it basically means two things; the product has a low conversion rate, or your landing
page is faulty.
  This is why it is
crucial to always check on your ad campaigns frequently to know if it is
yielding results to avoid wasting valuable resources on errors that
ought to be corrected.

For instance, if you were to run a Facebook ad on a beauty
product and the start to end date is within thirty (30) days, at least check the
status report of your campaign every
days to know if there is an increase or decrease in conversions.

If there are defects,
pause your campaign(s) and perform a standard routine check on fixing the problem,
like I earlier stated, it may be errors emanating from your landing page, or
the product itself is not in demand as you think (that is why reviewing products
before promoting is important), or something more in-depth such as; targeting
the wrong demographics for that particular product (a product can have a high
demand in the United States, but have a low demand in

Checking the productivity of your ad spend(s) gives you insights on how to run a proper campaign with a defined budget, and what product
is worth your ad spend.

Advocates in affiliate marketing often recommend that, to know the productivity of a marketing budget, it is better to diversify such a budget to accommodate
two or more advertising campaigns with different products.

SEO is a durable marketing strategy that
keeps resorting to monetization if it performs better on the index board and it
matches search queries. SERPs are ranked based on domain authority and backlinks

Affiliate marketers who promote on YouTube or any website should
make it a routine to research updates on Google’s algorithm for webpages,
including other search engines like Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo!

Ranking on Google is highly competitive, and Google is not
the most intuitive search engine platform when it comes to knowing SEO best
practices to rank a page or SEO content. Therefore the best option is not to
limit your SEO routines to just Google, try and expand to other search engines and
registered directories that are slightly less competitive.


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